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Armor part locations
The Leg Part is all the way at the end of the Overdrive Ostrich stage. You need the Spin Wheel to break through the wall and get to the capsule.

The Helmet Part is in the Crystal Snail stage. About 2/3 of the way throught the stage, slide down the left side of a pit to find a small hallway with crystal gun turrets in it. Follow that hallway to the capsule.

The X-Buster Part is the Wheel Gator stage right at the beginning. You have to use the air-dash from the Leg Part to climb up the shaft to the X-Buster capsule.

The Body Armor Part is at the beginning of the Morph Moth stage. It's in the floor close to the entrance of the magnetic room. Use the Spin Wheel to dig down into the ground and get to the capsule.