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The X Hunters are the trio of Mavericks that hold the three pieces of Zero's intact parts. X must defeat each one of these Mavericks to regain Zero's parts and rebuild his best buddy.

X will have to face each X Hunter twice during the game. Once randomly throughout the boss stages and once in each Sigma stage. Once the X Hunters begin to traversing the stages, you'll be able to see what stage each Maverick is in. Then you have to go to the secret battle room of that stage to face the X Hunter that is there. If you enter a stage that has an X Hunter but you choose not to fight him, then you loose that Zero part that is dropped from that particular Hunter. Watch where each X Hunter is going and be wise when you fight them. You can move the locations of the X Hunters by going in to a level that you have already completed and then exiting again. I recommend putting off the X Hunters until the last three bosses are left. That way you will be sure to have enough power to destroy them.
ViolenFirst Form

Violen fights with a giant ball 'n chain. That is his most devistating attack and the hardest to dodge. The X-Buster does very well on him and as long as you wait until the last three characters you should have plenty of life to take care of him.

Violen Second Form

Violen's second form is not much different that his first form. The only real difference is that there are dissappearing and reappearing blocks that can hinder your attacking blast, but also can protect you from the speeding Ball 'n Chain. I think this battle is much easier than the first one.

Serges/First Form

The first form of Serges is the most pain in the ass fight in the game! Whenever he stands on his little moving platform he is invulnerable and he keeps laying land mines on the ground. Make sure you have at least 1 Sub Tank ready to go when you fight him. Use the X-Buster.

       Serges/ Second Form

Like Violen, the second form of Serges is a hell of a lot easier than the first. Use the Silk shot to take out each cannon on his vessel in one shot. Then use the Magnet Mine to direct your shots towards his head. He'll go down pretty quick if you stay at the top of the screen and use the mines.but,if you really want to take all four cannons down at once,then  use the giga crush to wipe out all four cannons.the sonic slicer should work out as his weakness after destroiyng all four cannons.

Agile/First Form

The first form of Agile is kind of hard at first, but you learn that his attacks are pretty easy to dodge. The X-Buster works best on him. He only has 2 or 3 attacks, just use the wall a lot and watch what he does and you'll be ok.

Agile/Second Form

The second form of Agile is really easy. Use the Magnet Mine to hit him on the ceiling. Just make sure you don't fall into the spikes below. If you have the Dragon Punch then just use that... One hit kills!!