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Alternate bosses

Bit's pattern is really easy to see. He keeps jumping up in the air then he dashes at you when he's at your level. So get off of the floor! The only thing you have to watch out for is the little hoops that hold you in place and the chasing fireballs. Both are easy to dodge though. If you use the Frost Sheild on him he'll be finished. You can still beat him without the frost shield, but then you'll have to fight him again in the Doppler stages. Best to eighty-six his sorry ass now.
Byte will do nothing short than TICK YOU OFF!!! He shoots a stupid little object that pushes you away from the oposite wall of the room, preventing you from climbing. Then he rushes you and does this little painful 3 hit combo that leaves you in shambles. About three of these combos and you're done. The only way to beat him is to stay at the top of the wall before he launches the object. Then just hold against the wall until you almost touch the object, from there jump hard to the oposite side of the room and Air-Dash with the Boot enhancement. You will safely fly over Byte's head and to the other side. Quickly turn around and unload a shot of the Ray Splasher on him, then climb the wall to the top and repeat the process. The Ray Splasher will get him where is hurts and he'll say goodbye in a firey serious of explosions. If you didn't use the Ray Splasher he'll see you again in the Doppler stages.

chimera and goliath vile armor suits.
Vile is pretty easy the first time you fight him, if you can find him. He waits for you in an old shutdown power plant. The only way to get to the power plant is through teleporting capsules that are placed in certain levels. The easiest capsule to find is right at the beginning of the Volt Catfish stage. You ride the first elevator you see down to the room below and there it is. Below is a list of levels that the teleport capsule is in and where it is. Vile's pattern is easy, he rushes you and tries to hit you with his Attack Carrier. He can't get off of the ground so that's where you don't want to be. The carrier can be easily destoyed with the X-Buster. Then you'll fight Vile on foot. Use the Ray Splasher on him to finish him off for good (Unless you wanna play with a stronger and more exhausting Vile in the Doppler stages).