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Heart locations
In chill penguins stage,you will need the fire wave gained from flame mammoth,when you reach the aprt with the armor carrier,there will be a ledge up in the top that can only be reached with the armored carrier,jump off of it and use fire wave at the first small igloo shaped thing to destroy it,there is the first heart tank.
In storm eagles stage,You'll need the boots upgrade in order to reach the heart tank here.Once you tale the elevator thing that takes you up,when you get to the highest point on the left elevator thing,jump to the far left to reach the heart tank in storm eagles stage.
In flame mammoth's stage,the only way to get this heart tank is to defeat chill penguin in order to freeze flame mammoth's stage,after you have done that,come back to get the heart tank.
In spark mandrill's  stage,there are 2 ways to get this heart tank,once you reach the aprt in the picture,the first way would be using the boomerang cutter to get the heart tank,the second way would be to jump of the edge on the left to land on the exact spot to reach the heart tank.
In armored amadillo's stage,when you reach the part with a long pit leading down,you will land behind a bull-doser type maverick that must be destroyed in order to get the heart tank in the stage,if you'r not quick on destroying the maverick,then the wall that is climbable will be destroyed by the bull-doser maverick,se keep that in mind for this heart tank.
In launch octopus stage,when you reach a part with the whirlpool machines that create whirlpools,you will see a submarine-like thing on the surface,to reach it,use one of the whirlpool things to get to the top of it and once that is done,hit the red orb on the top of the submarine to destroy it,then it will sink leading down into a pit,after landing go right and destroy the  water maverick to get the heart tank here.
In boomer kuwangers stage,when you reach the part shown in the picture,the only way to get it is to beat boomer kuwanger himself and re-enter the stage in order to reach it,use the boomerang cutter to get it.
In sting chameleons stage,when you reach the aprt with the falling rocks,there should be a large hole in the middle before entering the cave with the falling rocks,go into the whole and destroy the wall with the boots upgrade,after that go and use shotgun ice and power it up to make the ice slide,use that to reach the heart tank,or just dash off to the far right to reach the ledge.