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Megamanx information
Release Date:
» 1993
Cart Size:
» 16 Megabits Regions:
» Japan
» North America
» Europe Systems:
Super Famicom
Super Nintendo
PC CD-ROM Developer:
» Capcom
» Action

» Game Specs
You'll be taking control of Mega Man X, directing him through the eight stages to confront and defeat Sigma's eight Maverick leaders. New weapons, item and powerups will be available, including special weapons gained from defeated bosses, as well as special heart tanks hidden throughout each stage that can increase X's overall life energy. The control structure as very similar to the original series, this time instead of sliding X can perform a dash. Special armor upgrades await X, each one will give him a special enhancement for a part of his body, each one is very important and can greatly assist you. Zero will appear at special points in the game, offering his advice to X. Challenging gameplay makes the first game of the series a real hit, paving the way for the huge storyline ahead.