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Megamanx3 codes and cheats
Golden Mega Man X

There is a way to get ALL of the extra armor chips in Mega Man X3. In the first Doppler stage play until you reach the area with the rolling spiked balls. Slide down the left hand wall of the first pit in that room. You will fall into a hole in the wall and there will be a pink capsule. This will give you every Chip enhancement AND turn Mega Man Gold.
**NOTE: This will not work without full life and you cannot pick up any of the Chip enhancements in the levels earlier.

Zero's Beam Sabre

In the second Sigma level there is a miniboss bug bot that is right after the water-filled area. Switch to Zero right before you go through the door. Then use Zero to fight this boss (This is the only boss Zero can fight). When you when in the fight, Zero will be wounded and he will give X his Beam Sabre to use for the rest of the game. You will not be able to use Zero anymore, but you will have the strongest shot in the game. Charge Mega Man's X-Buster up until you turn green. Then when you fire the 3rd shot, it will be the Beam Sabre.
**NOTE: You can only fight the miniboss in this stage if you defeated Vile earlier!!