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Armor part locations
The Leg Part is in the Blizzard Buffalo stage. All the way at the end of the stage get on the last platform in the snowing area. Dash-jump from the edge of it hard to the right. You will just grab the edge of the platform. Kick up on top and proceed to the right to the capsule.

The X-Buster Part is in the Neon Tiger stage. Right before you go down the really big ladder, use the Tornado Fang to drill through the cracked wall and get the capsule.

The Body Part is in the Volt Catfish stage. Ride the last elevator all the way up to the top and get off. There will be a little green platform with an animation on it. Charge up the Gravity Well weapon and it will raise you and the platform up to the capsule.

The Helmet Part is in the Tunnel Rino stage. Before you get to the miniboss of the level there will be a part where you will see a hanging boulder and spikes below it. Charge up and use the Triad Thunder the drop the rock and open the path to the capsule.

 The chips enhancements
The Arm Chip enhancement is in the Gravity Beetle stage. You need to get a Carrier right after you get to the top of the elevator and through the door. The Carrier pad is up in a room right above the doorway you came through. Get a Carrier (I recommend Hawk) and take all the way until you reach two crates that can be destroyed by your Carrier. On the other side of these crates is the Arm Chip enhancement. The enhancement allows you to turn damage into energy for a new powerful weapon that lets you fire multiple charged shots.

The Energy Chip enhancement is in the Blast Hornet stage. It is in the room with all of the conveyor belts and the purple Mavericks. It is all the way in the upper right hand corner of the room above the spikes. You can pick up a Carrier right before you enter that room. I suggest getting the Hawk Carrier and use it to hover across the top of the room and get the Chip. The Energy chip lets you recharge your life slowly as you stand still. VERY USEFUL!!

The Leg Chip enhancement is in the Toxic Seahores stage. Go to the area that is flooded with water and the giant turbines are pushing you to the left. Charge up the Frost Shield and ride the ice block it creates to the surface. Then jump along the surface of the water all the way to the right and climb the wall to the Chip. The leg chip allows you to Air-Dash twice in a row.

The Body Chip enhancement is in the Crush Crawfish stage. At the beginning of the level get on the Carrier platform and then get the Hawk ready. Use the Hawk until you get to the bottom of the big shaft you have to fall down. Then jump down the first pit after that shaft. Shoot the wall to the left out and proceed to the Chip. The Body Chip gives you even more defensive power. You take even less damage then before.