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Megamanx3 information
Release Date:
» 1995
Cart Size:
» 16 Megabits Regions:
» Japan
» North America
» Europe Systems:
Super Famicom
Super Nintendo
Sony Playstation
PC CD-ROM Developer:
» Capcom
» Action

» Game Specs
X returns to defend all humans and Reploids from evil, but this time you'll be able to select Zero form the weapon select screen in various stages. Zero has his Z-Saber and Z-Buster, allowing you for the first time get a feel of playing as Zero, he'll be making more appearances in the later X games. X will have to face the Maverick bosses in each stage, Doppler's new Mavericks are far stronger and more challenging than any in the past, you'll need all the special weapons, energy hearts and sub-tanks to conquer them all. Dr. Light will once again offer X new body enhancements, as well as four new special microchip upgrades, each one having their own special ability. Two special hidden items await X, both giving X a higher advantage over the Mavericks. Two new Mavericks known as Bit & Byte will try their luck against X, you'll have to face them in certain stages of the game as well as a final showdown before confronting Dr. Doppler. As well as having to deal with Doppler's two henchmen, X will also have to face a nightmare from the past, resurrected by Doppler, this once-dead Maverick is madder than ever at X and Zero, but he doesn't realise that X has grown much stronger since the day of their first battle...